While the pandemic has mostly had devastating effects on the international conference circuit, there’s also one positive consequence: There are interactive virtual editions of basically all the bigger events now. This means, of course, that you can partake in meetings in exotic locations that would have been hard to get to before – like the ones we recommend in this post:

September 19-22: IEEE ICIP

IEEE stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (the event’s host), and ICIP is short for International Conference on Image Processing (“Imaging without borders”). It’s a very big, very technical conference with a focus on image processing (obviously) as well as video processing and computer vision. In a world without Corona, this year’s instalment would have taken place in Anchorage (USA). To directly register for IEEE ICIP, follow this link. The official conference website has more info, including a detailed schedule of the technical program. You can also follow the conference on Twitter via the #ICIP2021 hashtag.

November 16-19: ACM ICRM

ACM ICRM refers to the Association for Computing Machinery’s International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval, a scientific conference that covers everything from multimedia content retrieval/understanding to content-based indexing and human-computer interaction issues. This year’s edition was originally intended to take place in Taipei (Taiwan). Registration info via service.icmr2021@gmail.com, details on the ACM ICRM program here.

We hope you get to enjoy IEEE ICIP or ACM ICRM or both. Stay tuned for more event notes.

Photo by Gabriel Benoit