Here’s another little peek behind the scenes:

As you know, XR4DRAMA is all about creating digital/virtual #situationawareness, i.e. giving users a very good idea of what a specific place looks, sounds, and feels like. The platform tries to achieve that by providing an enhanced 3D map – which is based on multi-modal data and can also be explored in VR. A crucial aspect in this context are points of interest (POIs), accessible and manageable by users in a smooth fashion. Now POIs fall into A LOT of categories – and that’s where the real interdisciplinary work begins.

Some POIs are rather generic and of interest for all users, some are super specific and only important when you’re a media production planner or a risk manager. Coming up with a plausible, sustainable structure and a frontend that matches the backend is something that has kept us busy for several weeks. Browsing through and discussing the sheer endless list of OSM elements (XR4DRAMA models are based on that map service) has also been a lot of fun. Mate Kat’e, anyone?

We’re now close to finalizing POI categories across the platform – thanks to state-of-the-art whiteboard tools like Miro and, of course, thanks to a lot of coordination and fruitful debates between AAWA, DW, Nuro, and U2M.

Go cloud, go team!