It’s review and movie time.

After a number of smaller LinkedIn and Twitter updates, we thought we’d take to the blog to announce two really important pieces of news.


Deadlines, Pilots, MVPs: XR4DRAMA Is (Finally) Hitting The Home Stretch!

XR4DRAMA partners at the last consortium meeting (Pisa, Italy, October 2022)

First things first: We’re fully aware that XR4DRAMA should have been a wrap by the end of 2022 (at the latest) – and that it’s January 2023 now. The reason for the delay was, of course, the Corona pandemic. And all the challenges that came with it. There were things we simply couldn’t do for months and months, and thus we couldn’t finish on time. We’re not ashamed. And luckily, the EC granted us an extension. The good news: We’re absolutely on track to meet the new XR4DRAMA deadline, which is April 30th. Let’s take a look at what will (have to) happen until then.


XR4DRAMA Media Use Case: XR for navigating, measuring, and projecting

Sometimes, when tech and use case partners work together really well, prototypes end up with a couple of neat features that weren’t even listed in the original requirements docs. A good example for this is the current version of the XR4DRAMA main mobile application: up2metric and DW closely cooperated to augment the XR features.